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Bendigo Myotherapy, Massage, Physiotherapy, Online running coaching

Running by nature is a simple sport but when we decide to enter a race or have a running goal it can get quite confusing. The more you look at the internet or chat to running friends the more confusing it can get! That's where a running coach can be extremely beneficial. 

Ben has been running for close to 15 years and has completed 20+ marathons, with a PB of 2:47.  When Ben took up running he couldn't run more than 500m without needing to take a walk break! He understands what is needed to start from scratch and to slowly but surely increase your mileage until you are hitting your goals. Ben is an Athletics Australia Accredited Coach and has coached athletes for a number of years to help them achieve their running goals. 

By getting guidance from a running coach you can take all the thinking out of your running and just enjoy it! Questions like what session should I be doing, how far should I be running or should take a rest day are all answered for you. 

For more information please contact Ben via email

Bendigo Myotherapy, Massage, Physiotherapy, Online Running Coaching
Bendigo Myotherapy, Massage, Physiotherapy, Running Coaching
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