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At Ben Stolz Myotherapy we strongly believe in the benefits of keeping active to help improve our overall health and it’s no secret that we especially enjoy running! 


To reward those who love to run and to help achieve your goals, we are offering a $10 discount off each Myotherapy treatment in the lead up to your next big event.  Whether you’ve signed up for your first fun run or your next marathon, Ben Stolz Myotherapy is committed to supporting you every step of the way.


Regular Myotherapy treatments during heavy training periods encourage recovery, address minor aches and pains and help to prevent injury. This allows for consistent training which is the secret to peak performance on race day.


The way it works:

  • Simply sign up to your next big event

  • Bring along confirmation of your entry to your appointment and we will reward you with $10 off your initial appointment and any subsequent standard (45-60 minute) treatment in the lead up to your event.


Make an appointment at Ben Stolz Myotherapy, Online at or over the phone on 0408928090 and mention the Runners Rewards!

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